A new cab designed around the driver to provide superior driving comfort and quality of life on board

​The new IVECO S-WAY AS cab is designed around the driver to provide the ultimate driving environment with outstanding ergonomics and controls layout.
The new cab design creates a spacious, well-appointed living environment with comfortable standing height, ample space to move with ease, as well as capacious and well-organised storage.
The night area combines functionality and comfort with its new symmetrical layout and well-placed storage, USB connections and controls.
IVECO has entirely reimagined the cab of the IVECO S-WAY from the ground up with a design approach centred around the driver to provide first-rate living, driving and working conditions. The new cab layout creates a spacious environment for driver and co-driver with ample, well organised storage space, outstanding ergonomics, and a comfortable and functional sleeping area.

The ultimate driving environment

The design of the new cab was guided by the driver’s needs, starting with their ideal driving position. The base of the adjustable seat was lowered in order to increase both cushion thickness and stroke range, providing all drivers with a comfortable position and optimal visibility. The steering wheel is shaped with a flat base, leaving room to accommodate drivers of all shapes and sizes with maximum comfort.
The ergonomic layout of the controls ensures all the key functions are within easy reach of the driver, making it easy for them to operate the vehicle comfortably and efficiently.
The multi-functional steering wheel, with 22 switches, puts all the necessary functions, including the Assisted Driving Systems, at the driver’s fingertips. This set-up eliminates distractions for the driver, who is able to operate without ever needing to move their hands from the steering wheel, increasing their safety and comfort.
The dashboard and central stack have been redesigned to improve operating comfort and efficiency with a new layout and greatly increased functionalities. The 7-inch capacitive touch-screen provides access to the new state-of-the-art infotainment system which enables the driver to bring their digital life on board with phone mirroring using Apple Car Play. It also offers Bluetooth for hands-free and audio streaming, DAB radio, voice recognition and a truck navigation system, as well as a host of hardware and software enhancements, including cybersecurity features. The driver can also access the Assistance Non-Stop and Remote Assistance Services, as well as the Driving Style Evaluation system.
The many push switches on the central stack increase the number of possible combinations, leaving extra switches free for controlling functions of the vehicle’s body or trailer.
The new Start/Stop engine button and the slot for the electronic key with integrated remote control are conveniently placed on the dashboard near the DNR area (automated transmission controls).

A spacious, well-appointed living environment

The new cab concept creates a spacious living environment with plenty of room to move around easily. The redesigned roof, lower tunnel and shaped upper shelf provide a comfortable standing height of 2.15 metres in the centre of the cabin, while the upper longitudinal usable space is 35 cm wider than in the previous model, providing easier access to the upper bed and compartments.
The central stack is rich in useful features for the comfort of driver and passenger: a handy shelf with bottle and cup holders, USB and 12V sockets, and a new drawer where they can store documents up to the size of an A4 folder – all lit with a console background light for night-time use. The folding table on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat can be used for eating a meal comfortably or as a convenient desk for working.
Capacious compartments are conveniently placed throughout the cab to provide all the storage the driver will need, with everything always within easy reach. The new open glove compartment on the side door also includes a 1.5-litre bottle holder. The redesigned upper shelf offers a 250-litre storage capacity. This is further complemented by the cavernous outer boxes, which can be specified both on the driver and passenger side for a massive capacity of up to 375 litres.
Meals and refreshments are also taken care of with a choice of fridges and cool boxes to meet a variety of requirements. The lid on top of the fridge makes it easy for the driver to reach for a cool drink safely without opening the fridge door completely.
IVECO has conducted a comprehensive study of the interior lighting system to enhance visual comfort in all conditions, providing the right quality and brightness of light where and when it is needed, lighting the cab to perfection for every type of use. The new full LED dimmable ceiling lights can be set to provide background lighting for night-time driving or ambient lighting, as required. Two independent full LED reading lights provide illumination for the driver and co-driver. In addition to the conveniently located individual switches, a rotary control positioned on the upper shelf above the driver operates the entire lighting system. At night, a door inhibitor for smart lighting ensures that opening the door doesn’t turn on all the lights.

High-comfort sleeping area

The new IVECO S-WAY cab has been designed to maximise the driver’s comfort when resting or sleeping overnight. The symmetrical layout of the night area with T-shaped lower bunk, pocket compartments, USB ports at both ends of the bunk, mean that the driver can choose which way to face when lying down. The bed module, positioned at the centre of the rear wall, puts within easy reach all the controls they may need – from heating and lighting to the radio and door lock.
The one-piece lower bunk bed offers a choice of 14 cm-thick mattresses with 2 levels of comfort. For the upper bunk, two solutions are available to match different needs: the 60 cm-wide Smart Bunk with 8 cm-thick mattress, which is a foldable bed that can double up as a luggage compartment, or the 70 cm-wide Comfort Bunk with 10 cm-thick mattress and ladder.
The night-time safety locks on both doors will protect occupants against possible intruders.

The perfect internal climate at all times

The air conditioning system, and integrated parking cooler and heater systems ensure an ideal internal climate within the cab in all weather conditions, when driving or during stops.


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