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1. Sell it from your own location

1. Vehicles remain at your location
2. You clean and prepare the vehicles yourself.
3. Our experts carry out a professional inspection on site
4. Our online sales team will sell your vehicles
5. No cure, no pay: cost only follow after sale
6. Highest market price: you sell directly to the end user

2. Sell it from the SEDE.TECH Store

1. Potential buyers can see your vehicles at our location
2. We clean and prepare your vehicles
3. You can get up to 50% advance payment
4. Our online and offline sales team will sell your vehicles
5. One-stop-shop for buyers, with services like: parts, tyres and lease

3. Sell it to us

1. Get fair trading price

2. We pay you instantly
3. It requires zero effort from you

Why we go above and beyond

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4.3 out of 5
300+ Google reviews

D. George

Seller | United Kingdom
It was difficult for me to choose the appropriate selling price when I sell vehicles myself. Selling my used vehicles via SEDE.TECH saves me time and money.
4 out of 5

H. Louise

Buyer | France
Very neat company with many commercial vehicles and trucks. The possibilities here are endless.
5 out of 5

K. Alessandro

Seller | Italy
Selling via SEDE.TECH is quite simple, from the vehicle check-in over the pricing until the final selling. Everything works with the lowest input from my side, which makes selling feel effortless.
5 out of 5

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How it works for buyers 

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