Entirely redesigned IVECO S-WAY cab combines dynamic style with productivity-boosting, TCO-saving design

The new IVECO S-WAY AS cab has been designed from the ground up around the principle of marrying style with functionality. The redesign, driven by the aim of optimising aerodynamic performance, delivers up to 4% fuel savings. The new cab takes every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains with features such as the multi-piece bumper that significantly reduces repair costs in the event of damage, contributing to the vehicle’s low Total Cost of Ownership.
IVECO presents the IVECO S-WAY with an entirely new cab that makes a strong statement with a dynamic, assertive style that combines aesthetics with functionality. The new design takes aerodynamic performance to a new level, further increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency by up to 4%. It takes every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains, and slash the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The driver is at the heart of the redesign, which raises the safety to a new level through the reinforced cab and enhanced visibility.

Designed to maximise fuel efficiency

Every detail of the cab exterior has been studied with care to minimise air resistance. The new roof is perfectly integrated into the front end of the vehicle, presenting a flat surface that minimises drag. Even the retractable front step that provides easy access to the windshield completely disappears when not in use. The front grille with high radius corners and side fins, the integrated headlights, the new bumper design with integrated deflectors, together with the new design of the wheel arches, create flowing lines that optimise air flow – and make a statement with a distinctive style.
The vehicle’s aerodynamic performance is further enhanced by additional features that reduce drag by closing gaps. They include the optimised aerodynamic kit and side skirts with rubber extensions to close up the space between tractor and semi-trailer.
The new design of the door, which extends all the way down to the second step, creates a smooth surface on the sides of the cab, reducing turbulence at cruising speed.
All the elements of the new design work together to achieve a superior aerodynamic performance and deliver significant fuel savings on top of the outstanding fuel efficiency that is the hallmark of this product family.

Designed to shave off TCO

The new design of the IVECO S-WAY cab has taken every opportunity to deliver cost savings with features such as the new multi-piece bumper, which in the event of damage only requires replacement of the affected piece instead of the whole bumper. According to IVECO’s statistics, this will benefit fleets in the vast majority of cases, resulting in considerably lower repair costs.
Additional significant savings derive from the integrated parking cooler, which brings a double benefit in that it not only is more energy-efficient than a dealer-installed kit alternative, but it also has no impact on the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

Designed for driver safety

The IVECO S-WAY has been developed with a strong focus on the driver, and the new cab has been redesigned and reinforced to ensure high levels of passive safety, with mechanical resistance compliant with ECE R29.03 cab crash standards. In addition, the front axle has been fine-tuned to reduce braking distances by 15%, further enhancing overall safety.
The new design also provides much improved direct visibility for the driver with the one-piece side windows and rear-view mirrors. The IVECO S-WAY also offers full LED lights, which have a much sharper beam that carries further, improving visibility and obstacle perception by 15%, further enhancing safety in low-light conditions.
In addition, the IVECO S-WAY features a complete array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to help the driver operate the vehicle efficiently and safely while reducing fatigue on the road. The cab also addresses security when the vehicle is parked with the new design of the door which now extends all the way down, leaving only the bottom step exposed, and includes an additional mechanical door lock inside the cab.

Michelin: IVECO’s key partner in sustainable mobility, low TCO and enhanced safety

Michelin is IVECO’s key partner for tyres and service throughout Europe; their values and strategy of sustainable mobility and long-lasting product performance are well aligned with IVECO’s. The A-rated, low rolling resistance, Michelin tyres help reduce a truck’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, whilst delivering industry leading mileage, longevity, and a high level of safety. In addition, for the Natural Power version, Michelin provides digital services to optimize fleet operations; these help maximise uptime and productivity whilst improving the driver’s experience.


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